First Implementation Session in Cyprus

First Implementation Session at the Public Nursery school of Lymbia (Cyprus)

The Online Platform has been developed within the framework of the MEET project and aims at supporting children, aged 4 – 5, to develop metacognitive skills, which will in turn support them in future learning processes. The Platform consists of 18 individual stages of increasing difficulty, which aim to develop children’s mathematical and numerical skills. Children can enter the platform with the help of their parents/guardians in order to develop or enhance their skills on identifying numbers and patterns, counting and continuing to count, matching numerical figures with groups of objects; and ranking/classifying numbers or objects. A very important element of the platform is the fact that it is developed in the form of a game and thus, children can have fun through their engagement in mathematical games, while acquiring feedback on the wrong answers and encouragement to play again in order to score the right answer.

CARDET conducted the first implementation of the MEET Online Platform in Cyprus on the 24th January 2018, at the Public Nursery school of Lymbia. Six stations were set up to welcome 12 groups of children. Overall, 50 children and 3 teachers had the opportunity to play with the Online Platform with the support of CARDET’s staff. Interestingly, all groups had varied needs and each one liked different stages the most. All the children practiced in identifying the numerical figures and tried to match them with the corresponding group of objects, recognised patterns and tried to write the missing numbers. The last stages, which required additional knowledge of equations, such as additions and subtractions, attracted the interested of some groups, which succeeded in completing the majority of them. Children and teachers expressed their excitement and satisfaction in relation to practicing Math, while playing with the different stages of the Platform.

CARDET has provided all teachers of the Nursery School with a free accounts to the Online Platform in order to continue using it according to their future everyday needs. The next Implementation Session is planned for February 2018. Should you wish to acquire more information about the implementation sessions in Cyprus and have access to the MEET Online Platform, please contact Eliza Theofanous (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or visit the following link: